All wood is not the same

When it comes time to choose hardwood flooring we emphasize the importance of choosing a wood species which will aesthetically compliment your home, but one that will also suit your lifestyle by considering factors such as heavy trafficking, pets, kids, etc. At Barnum Floors we pride ourselves on knowing that our customers receive top quality hardwood flooring. We are committed to using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. At Barnum Floors, we first determine the species which will work best for your lifestyle and once that is chosen, we complete a custom color.

It is values such as these which have prompted our relationships with businesses such as Hickman Woods. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania in the Allegheny Mountains, this fourth generation family-owned timber company is dedicated to producing premium Appalachian hardwood while maintaining the sustainability of their woodlands. Unlike Southern wood which is constantly growing and as a result produces a weak, muted color, the trees grown in the North undergo a dormant season allowing the grains of the wood to become stronger and more vibrant.

Our relationship with companies such as Hickman Woods guarantees our customers a beautiful, timeless hardwood product. Hickman Woods specializes in Rifted, Quatersawn & Livesawn hardwood flooring. For more information on Appalachian hardwood, visit Hickman Woods website.