Hand-crafted Hardwood Floors

There is nothing like the look and feel of older wood.  More & more customers desire this look as they search for ways to make their homes warm, livable and easy to care for.  Although actual reclaimed hardwood can be found, re-milled wood is becoming harder to find and cost prohibitive.  In order to achieve this aged look, the hardwood flooring industry has been inundated with products that indicate they are hand-scraped.  Although some quality pre-finished products are truly manually hand-scraped, most large, commercial pre-packaged brands are scraped by machine.  At the end of the production line, a worker will remove the wood and make a few personal marks to qualify for the label “hand-scraped.”   This can easily be seen by the uniform grooves that run through the middle of each board.

At Barnum Floors we pride ourselves on the crafting ability of our scrapers. We use the wood "crafted" rather than scraped, as this process really is a lost art form. When wood is crafted, we are actually sheering the grain of the wood rather than tearing the grain open with machines....The floors are done & ready, with the exception of the final coat which is applied on site. Our customers are proud to have hardwood flooring installed in their homes that is truly "Made in Iowa;" and bumps & bruises on the floor simply add to the overall character!