What You Need to Know About Hardwood Flooring


1. The cut of hardwood matters. Plain sawn cuts have a tendency to separate more than rift and quarter sawn cuts due to the direction of the growth rings.

2. The wider the width of the board, the more movement happens within the board seasonally.

3. Expansion and contraction between boards should be expected as a natural part of the life of the hardwood. Wood is a living product — not synthetic or plastic.

4. Boards are dried in a kiln to our natural comfort zone of 68-72 degrees prior to being milled into flooring.

5. Acclimation of hardwood inside your home is critical during all seasons.

6. Humidity levels should be kept at 30-55% year-round for your hardwood floors.

7. Installing a humidifier on your furnace is always a good idea if you have hardwood floors. Stand-alone humidifiers also help maintain your hardwood during the winter months.

8. Hygrometers are a handy gadget to set in your home to track moisture levels.

9. Using the correct cleaner depending on the finish of the floors is also a critical part of the longevity of your floor’s finish.

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